Press Release

Press Release

Hangon Images launches its website

Hangon Images, a division of Hangon Media Works Private limited, announces the launch of its website Newly launched Hangon collection, promise to provide high quality Indian images, with a special stress on creativity Various advertising agencies and corporate houses that are looking to advertise and add value to their product by using the Hangon collection. Apart from agencies, even direct clients can make use of the Hangon collection.

Naveen Kalra , Founder and CEO, Hangon Images said during the launch of the website that Photo Stock industry in India is still very new but showing up sign of acceptability. Creative director who were reluctant to look into stock photos earlier are now showing interest. They are willing to spend time to get the right image without going through the pain full process of shooting for every ad released. Photo Stock agency requires more players to increase high quality photos database so fulfill the market need. Currently there is a huge gap and creative directories are expecting much more from Photo stock agencies. Hangon Images will try to reduce this gap and launching in the market and it is the right time to provide more and better options

Jainender Kumar, Founder and Creative Director, Hangon Images strongly believes that creativity is the key for success of stock agency and lot need to be done to meet the demand of Indian creative space. Launching of this site is just one step towards that. Our stress will not be on numbers but want to focus on Unique collection of Indian photos. Amarjeet Singh, Founder and Director Post Production, Hangon Images with strong experience in working with US and European stock agencies stresses on importance of good quality post production work in the digital arena. According to him digital composition and ready to use ads will be key part of our portfolio.

Primary Media Contact: Apoorv Tiwari, 91-11-40532704